Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Ellen Callahan

Wife of
Michael Callahan
Born 1806 in Co. Cork
Died Jan. 2 1880
Rest in peace

Location: Frankfort Cemetery, Frankfort, Franklin County, Kentucky
Photo taken:  March 2009

Ellen Callahan is, unfortunately, largely anonymous to history.  While no Ellen, married to Michael, can be found living in Franklin County around 1880, there is such a family recorded in Owenton, Owen County, as far back as 1850.  While it's not impossible that Ellen would have been buried in the (at that time) new State Cemetery at Frankfort - 30 miles distant from her home - it does seem unlikely.  The fact that the Ellen in Owenton lists her age such that a birth year of 1810 seems more reasonable than 1806 further lessens the likelihood that this is indeed her resting place.

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